Rotary tedders


Rotary tedders

  • The complete range of three-point mounted and trailed models
  • Maintenance-free driveline with eight-finger OctoLink clutch
  • Maintenance-free, liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes
  • Hardwearing Super-C tines
  • Changing the angle of throw without tools for optimum forage quality
  • Special tines provide the KRONE combing effect for cleanest sweeps
  • The KRONE border spreading feature ensures accurate spreads up to the field border
  • Enjoy a maximum of operator comfort during long working days
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Product video

KRONE KWT trailed rotary tedders (KWT 1300/1600/2000)

When it comes to preparing wilted silage and hay, KRONE is the manufacturer that offers a large andextensive range of high-quality and dependable rotary tedders. These machines not only deliverhigh-quality work and feature a high level of standard specification but also boast a host ofinnovative features including maintenance-free OctoLink clutches and liquid-grease lubricatedgearboxes to drive the rotors.

Product video

KRONE KW - Mounted rotary tedders

Featuring strong frames, robust gearboxes and rotors, the KRONE rotary tedders perform equally well in hay and heavy crops, Pivot joints on the frame and scores of useful setting options make KRONE rotary tedders the masters of super clean sweeps and quality forage.

Product features

Rotary tedders
  • Maintenance-free driveline with eight-finger OctoLink clutch
  • Maintenance-free gearboxes liquid-grease lubricated
  • Hardwearing Super-C tines
  • Special tines for the ­KRONE combing effect for cleanest sweeps
  • Setting the angle of throw without tools for optimum forage quality
  • ­KRONE border spreading system for accurate spreads up to the field edge
  • Large choice of trailed ­KRONE rotary tedders
  • High operator comfort: For reduced operator strain on long working

The trailed KTW tedders cover up to 20 metres even when hitched to a lower-powered tractor. Equipped with their own transport chassis, these machines have a lower tractor power and lift power requirement. Multiple technical details make for safe for road travel and ensure great spreading and conditioning quality in the field.

The KRONE drives


  • The maintenance-free eight-finger clutch
  • Full drive power in any position

Rotor gearboxes

  • Maintenance-free and liquid-grease lubricated
  • Permanently lubricated for great longevity

When it comes to preparing wilted silage and hay, KRONE is the manufacturer that offers a large and extensive range of high-quality and dependable rotary tedders. These machines not only deliver high-quality work and feature a high level of standard specification but also boast a host of innovative features including maintenance-free OctoLink clutches and liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes to drive the rotors.

The eight-finger OctoLink clutch

OctoLink is our extremely hardwearing clutch, which forms a frictional connection at all times and yet requires no attention at all. Some of its eight fingers are always in mesh, even when the rotors are folded through 180 degrees.

The gearboxes

The enclosed liquid-grease lubricated gearboxes that drive the rotors are absolutely maintenance-free. Permanent lubrication gives peace of mind and increases longevity. The chunky box-section chassis absorbs all shock loads on the frame. Mounted beneath the individual sections, the liquid-grease gearboxes drive nothing but the rotors. The same sections guide the rotors on the KW models, which increases the overall stability and takes the load off the gearbox.

The driveline

The special design of these short fingers and the way they align ensures a consistent flow of power down the driveshafts. There is not a single moment the power flow is cut. This type of driveline translates into maximum efficiency and longevity.

The folding mechanism

With so much free space in the OctoLink system, the outermost rotor segments can be folded in by 180°, reducing transport height and storage space requirement on the one hand while increasing road safety on the other.

The KRONE rotors
  • Sturdy tubular tine arms
  • Uniform crop spread as the tine arms overlap generously
  • Heavy-duty, hardwearing 9.5 mm Super C double tines with 5 coils
  • Unequally long tines give the special KRONE combing effect

Quality requires us to start with the basics. This is how we achieve high standards. The rotors on the KRONE rotary tedders are the ideal equipment to produce quality forage for on-farm use. Whether you’re producing hay or silage, these rotors deliver every time.

Uniform distribution of the material

The generously overlapping tine arms spread the crop evenly for a uniform spreading pattern in all conditions. Uniform spreads improve wilting and reduce drying times, allowing you to finish the job before weather turns bad.

The tine control system

The tines are attached to the tine arms with an eccentric plate and adjust to one of three sweeping angles – an option that makes for excellent tedding in all conditions.

5, 6 or 7 tine arms

The KRONE KW and KWT rotary tedders are available in various work widths and dimensions. But also the rotor diameters and the number of tine arms on each rotor vary to suit your special needs and requirements. With five tine arms on the small diameter rotor (1.34m), six on the medium-sized rotor (1.53m) and seven on the largest (1.70m/1.80m) rotor, KRONE offers the perfect rotary tedder for every user, every situation and every need.

Leg length

The Super-C-tine legs are unequally long to give the special KRONE combing effect and optimum tedding without contaminating the crop. Having five coils, the spring steel tines are flexible and can handle high loads. This design ensures the material is picked up accurately and without contamination and continues to reduce losses even after many years of work.

The tine arm attachment

Heavy-duty tine arms (38x4mm tubular steel) and a special ring attachment system combine to provide dependable performance in even the toughest conditions.

The guarantee for top-quality forage Optimal treatment
  • Central border spreading control spreads the crop away from the boundary for easier harvesting.
  • The angle of throw is adjusted without tools.
  • The castering wheels on the rotors run in close vicinity of the tines to provide accurate control.

Thought-through details and high operator comfort boost the efficiency of your operation. The central border spreading facility ensures you are not wasting a single haulm along the boundaries. In addition, it allows you to spread uphill with the machine running at an angle to the tractor. The rotor tilt is adjusted without the need of tools for perfect adaptation to the current crop and yield.

Tedding at a steep angle, turning at a shallow angle

You can adjust the spreading angle between 13° and 19° by refitting a pin in a hole pattern on the wheel arms. No tool required. The steep spreading angle is perfect for tedding, producing intensively conditioned forage. With its gentler conditioning action, the shallow angle is better when making the headland turn.

The tyres on the rotors

Clad with big flotation tyres (16x6.50-8 und 18x8.50-8), the wheels give perfect castering and quiet running for light-pulling and sward protection. Running in close vicinity of the tines, they give optimum control and contouring.

Anti-wrap guards

Anti-wrap guards come as standard on KRONE rotary tedders, keeping the wheels and arms free from crop halms and ensuring problem-free operation.

Stable castering

All the running wheels are connected to each other via the border spreading control linkage, ensuring stable castering for uphill work and uniform spreads on steep slopes.

The manual border spreading system

The manual border spreading system is easy to use. All the running wheels can be turned to the left and right from one single adjuster.

The hydraulic border spreading system

The hydraulic border spreading system is controlled from the tractor seat. The running wheels are turned by a central hydraulic ram on the border spreading control linkage. The hydraulic option is particularly convenient for spreading uphill on slopes and preventing the tedder from drifting off-course.

KW 5.52 T · KW 7.82 T – Trailed four/six-rotor machines (export)
  • 5.50 m to 7.80 m work widths
  • Minimum input requirement, no load taken off the tractor’s front axle
  • Easy tractor attachment and  removal
  • Convenient hydraulic articulated drawbar

The trailed rotary tedders for 5.50 m and 7.80 m widths stand out for their low tractor input requirement. Running on the middle wheels when in transport, the machine does not mount in the tractor's three-point linkage – which is ideal for smaller tractors with lower front axle load and lift capacities.

The articulated drawbar

The KW 5.52 T and KW 7.82 T feature a height-adjustable articulated drawbar. Coupled to a rigid drawbar or with a floating drawbar – quick and easy.

The transport position

The hydraulic drawbar provides for plenty of ground clearance under the rotors when the machine is travelling to the next site. When using the swinging drawbar or the rigid linkage drawbar, work depth is set on the turnbuckle on the hydraulic ram.

The border spreading facility

The border spreading facility ensures no crop is lost along the field boundaries. Move this lever to the left or right to direct the crop to that specific side.

The storage position

KW 5.52 T and KW 7.82 T are very compact models which require little storage space. Parked on large balloon tyres and a steplessly adjustable stand on the drawbar, the trailed models offer unsurpassed stability.

Adjusting the angle of throw

Adjusting the angle of spread is important to adapt the machine optimally to the desired quality of the forage. The wheel arms are adjusted simply by moving an extension lever, which is possible because KW 5.52 and KW 7.82 T are not lifted out.

KWT 7.82 · KWT 8.82 · KWT 10.02 · KWT 11.22 – Trailed six/eight/ten-rotor tedders with transport chassis
  • 7.8 m -11.0 m work widths
  • Sequence control for maximum operator comfort
  • Wide transport running gear with large wheels for 40 km/h
  • Pivoting running gear enhances weight distribution

The transport running gear makes these rotary tedders ideal for smaller tractors with smaller lift capacities despite their wider working width.

The working position

In the field, the running gear is up, which leads to a balanced distribution of the overall machine weight and hence to a perfect and uniform spread across the full work width. All clear for the rotors.

The tyres

Large 10.0/75 – 15.3 tyres on the transport running gear give quiet running and stability in rough and bogie terrain as well as when travelling at 40 km/h to the next site.

The transport running gear

The KWT 7.82 and KWT 8.82 running gears lift and lower via two single-acting and accumulator dampened rams whereas the KWT 10.02 and KWT 11.22 are operated by two double-acting rams.

The toothed segments

The toothed wheels support the hydraulic rams and increase the transport running gear’s forward swivel range for enhanced weight distribution during headland turns.

Tractor attachment

Attachment to the tractor is via a two-point hitch, which avoids damage to the driveshaft should the link arms be raised accidentally. The foldable stand locks home automatically.

The V-frame

The KWT with transport running gear is pulled by a sturdy v-frame. The design and the wide-angle driveshaft on the pivoting headstock make for tightest headland turns.

Ground contouring

The pivoting two-point headstock floats in its mountings to adapt to all ground contours, preventing any torsional force from developing and acting on the frame.

The pivoting drawbar

As the swinging drawbar is the preferred tractor attachment in a number of countries, we offer the trailed rotary tedder KWT 8.82 DB with a height-adjustable swinging drawbar for customers in these specific countries.

The drawbar

The sturdy drawbar is designed like a V to cope with even the harshest conditions. Which makes for easy and fast attachment and removal. The stand is steplessly adjusted to the tractor’s linkage or the linkage drawbar.

The work height

As the work height is controlled by the drawbar, this is adjusted steplessly from a crank.

The tyres on the rotors

Running on 18x8.50-8 tyres, the wheels under the central rotors are larger in size to carry the transport running gear in the field. The wider tyres protect the sward and give quiet running.

The leading jockey heel

The KWT models are available with optional wheels that run ahead of the unit. Trailing freely in close vicinity to the tines and giving stepless height-adjustment, these wheels deliver absolutely clean sweeps trailing freely and giving stepless height-adjustment.

The border spreading facility

The hydraulic border spreading system left/right is a standard feature on KWT 7.82, 8.82, 12.22 and 10.02. This system guarantees no crop is lost on the boundary and you harvest the full yield.

The hydraulic reverser

The reversing valve on the models KWT 7.82 and KWT 8.82 activates the hydraulic border spreading system, swinging the transport running gear up and down and the rotors in and out.

The electric reverser

KWT 10.02 and KWT 11.22 is operated via two double-acting tractor spools. An electric reversing valve is an option that allows the machine to be operated from only one single-acting spool.

The auto-sequenced folding system

Conversion from transport to work position and vice versa is very convenient thanks to sequence control, which orchestrates the folding sections and the pivoting running gear.

KWT 1300 · KWT 1600 · KWT 2000 – Trailed 12/14/18-rotor machines
  • 13.10 m to 19.60 m working width
  • Small rotor diameter produces an optimum spread pattern
  • Heavy-duty beams
  • Maintenance-free OctoLink rotor drives
  • Intelligent steering on KWT 1600 and KWT 2000

Making quality forage not only requires high-capacity mowers but also the right tedder. In terms of work rates, the KWT 1300, KWT 1600 or KWT 2000 is the perfect match for a high-capacity mower combination. It allows you to do the tedding pass in parallel with the mowing pass to achieve uniform wilts.

High productivity and quality of work

The trailed rotary tedders KWT 1300, 1600 and 2000 stand out for an impressive efficiency and the best quality of work. 12, 14, or 18 rotors spread the crop in an extremely uniform mat. The flexible tubes ensure the material is adequately tedded even across the full work width and in undulating fields. Permanently lubricated rotor gearboxes, robust 9.5 mm double tines of unequal lengths, robust tube-section tine holders, a sturdy frame with individual segment adjustment and a wide transport chassis running on flotation tyres - all this combines to cope with highest loads and deliver excellent results on and on.

OctoLink finger clutches

Featuring maintenance-free eight-finger clutch and rotor gearboxes that are immersed in semi-fluid grease, the KWT 1300, KWT 1600 and KWT 2000 are made to cope with the highest loads and continue delivering during a long life.

Rotor diameter

The 1.53 m diameter rotors with six tine arms and robust double tines of unequal lengths produce an exemplary spread pattern.

Sturdy frames

High-strength beams are made to cope with the strains of a huge work width. The enclosed hoop guard features cross braces that are arranged at an angle for extra stability. The heavy-duty build not only complies with safety standards but also takes off load from the side arms and joints.

Compensating for the loading

The coil spring connects the top link coupler with the transport frame. When the rotors are in headland position the spring is pressing on the frame, compensating for negative tongue load. This detail allows you to operate a KWT 1300, KWT 1600 or KWT 2000 also with a smaller or more lightweight tractor.

Work height control

The height of all tines is altered on this crank in the middle of the machine for quick and easy adjustment to varying conditions.

Border spreading with curtain

The curtain is controlled hydraulically and is an option for those who seek maximum precision in border spreading. The crop is not thrown beyond the field border.

Automatic folding

Both the KWT 1300 and the high-capacity KWT 1600 and KWT 2000 models fold automatically and sequence controlled from the cab thereby eliminating any risk of operator error. As a last step, a separate spool raises / lowers the booms into headland / work position.

The transport running gear

The wide transport running gear ensures quiet running and good road stability even on rough roads. Wider tyres are an option here, because flotation rubber on the transport chassis translates into softer treading in boggy terrain and reduced soil compaction thanks to a large contact area.

KWT 1300 – Further technical details
  • Huge 13.10 m work width
  • 12 rotors with 6 tine arms each
  • Drawbar or three-point linkage attachment
  • Automated transport/work changeovers
  • Flexible rotor guidance, exact ground contouring

The KRONE KWT 1300 is the tedder for supreme quality forage. Pleasant to operate, the machine teds 13.10 m in one operation. Highly productive, it is yet gentle on the crop and soil but compact and safe in road travel.

The attachment systems

KWT 1300 is available in many different attachment systems The standard attachment is a drawbar with with 40 mm hitch ring for top and bottom attachment. An 80 hitch ball or a pivoting drawbar is an option. The KWT 1300 Plus comes with a three-point headstock as standard for great agility during tight manoeuvres and headland turns.

Accurate guidance

The bottom arms on the chassis give very accurate guidance of the rotors. The wheels on the transport running gear are simply castering, serving as a leading gauge wheel for active tine contouring control.

The hydraulic top link

The hydraulic top link is in float position during work providing optimum ground contour following and maintaining the set work height. On the headland and changing in transport position, the link raises the entire frame into an approx. 90° position.

Hydraulic suspension for the transport axle

The transport axle on KWT 1300 Plus has standard hydraulic suspension. This is an option on the KWT 1300. In headland position, KWT 1300 (Plus) rests most of its weight on the transport axle (left photo) for good tracking and stability during the headland turn. By comparison, when in working position, the lift cylinder transfers the weight of the frame and axle from the transport axle to the rotor wheels and the headstock. This reduces the load on the transport wheels and hence the risk of scuffing in tight turns. Despite this configuration, the transport wheels continue serving as gauge wheels ahead of the rotors - a smart design that cuts out damage to the sward and crop contamination.

KWT 1600 · KWT 2000 – Further technical details
  • Contouring control independent of the running gear
  • Compact on the road and wide in the field
  • The manual working height control
  • Contouring control independent of the running gear

In road travel, the KWT 1600 and KWT 2000 impress with a narrow transport width of less than 3 m whereas in work they offer a stunning work width of 15.27 m to 19.60 m. The machine also stands out for easy handling and functionality during changeovers, as automatic sequence control reduces driver effort and increases daily outputs.

Safe travel on the road

High-reflective, single-piece side guards combine with effective lighting to increase road safety at night when entering roads or crossing traffic junctions.

The hydraulic lift

The rotors are lifted hydraulically by a lifting linkage for transportation or at headland turns with an impressive lift-out height.

The hydraulic top link

The hydraulic top link consistently maintains the set work depth. Its task is to tilt the individual sections and the rotors forward by 90° into the transport position.

Ground contouring

Double joints on the frame and elongated holes on the lower lift arms ensure the machine follows contours flexibly and unrestricted by the transport chassis – a design that ensures clean work also in undulating fields.

The forced steering system

The caster-steer KWT 1600 and KWT 2000 tedders have a forced-steering system that is implemented by the three-point headstock. By refitting the steering linkage the track width of the transport axle is automatically altered to match the tractor wheelings or rotor wheels. This is made automatically and sequence controlled when the machine moves into transport, headland or working position.

Tracking behind the tractor

The wheels on the transport running gear run in the tractor wheelings whenever the machine is in transport or headland position. This is the optimum configuration for managing narrow gates and headlands.

Following the rotor wheels

In working position, the wheels on the transport running are steered relative to the rotor wheels to match their turning circle. This prevents all wheels from scuffing during a turn, protects the sward and makes for easier tedding along curved border lines.


In some situations the standard machine specification may not produce optimum results. Therefore ­KRONE offers a number of options for our rotary tedders that ensure your machine delivers maximum outputs and top forage quality in special conditions.

The free-running clutch

The optional free-running clutch on the main driveshaft is useful on machines up to 6.70 m in width. It is operated by a tractor with pto brake, where it offers maximum safety when shutting off the machine.

The spare wheels

16x6.50-8 or 18x8.50-8 spare wheels are available as an option Stored on a holder supplied with the wheel, the spare wheel is easy to remove without tools.

The anti-wrap guards

Optional plates are available for attachment to the wheel holders that protect the wheels from wrapping sticky forage.

The night swath gearboxes

Some farmers prefer making narrow swaths for the night to avoid the crop is absorbing less moisture during the night. This optional gearbox is simply pushed on the shaft and reduces the rotor speed to produce narrow night swaths.


KWT 7.82/6x7 KWT 1300 KWT 1600 KWT 20000
Type of attachment Drawbar Drawbar Drawbar Drawbar configure
Working width (m) 7.80 13.10 15.30 19.60 configure
No. of rotors 6 12 14 18 configure
No. of tine arms per rotor 7 6 6 6 configure
rotor diameter (m) 1.70 1.53 1.53 1.53 configure
Input power (kW/hp) 37 / 50 51 / 70 60 / 80 80 / 110 configure
configure configure configure configure

KRONE rotary tedders


KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen


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