EasyCut R

Rear-mounted disc mounters (centre-of-gravity suspension)

EasyCut R

Rear-mounted disc mowers

  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts from optimum blade overlaps
  • DuoGrip: The centre-of-gravity suspension system with dual grip control
  • Optimum ground pressure control by means of responsive and adjustable springs
  • Available conditioner versions: CV conditioner with V-type steel tines, CR conditioner with rubber rollers or M-Rolls
  • Compact in transport as the mower tilts to the middle of the tractor – for optimum weight distribution and visibility
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Product video

KRONE EasyCut R – Rear-mounted disc mowers

The cutterbar features a host of smart details like the SafeCut disc protection system or the SmartCut blades with optimum overlaps. EasyCut R – the professional machine for farmers and contractors.

The tine conditioner models

EasyCut R 280 CV und R 320 CV

The KRONE CV rotor with V-shaped and grippy steel tines spreads the crop at the full working width. Its massive 64 cm diameter and the helical arrangement of the tines warrant a continuous crop flow, high throughputs and superior conditioning.

Product features

Rugged and easy use, tried and tested around the world
  • Quick-change blades
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts from optimum blade overlaps
  • DuoGrip: The centre-of-gravity suspension system with dual grip control
  • Optimum ground pressure control by means of responsive and adjustable springs
  • Available conditioner versions: CV conditioner with V-type steel tines, CR conditioner with rubber rollers or M-Rolls
  • Compact in transport as the mower tilts to the middle of the tractor – for optimum weight distribution and visibility
The EasyCut R rear mowers

Without conditioner

  • 2.73 m to 4.04 m work widths
  • DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
  • Over-centre transport position reduces
  • transport height
  • Very responsive spring suspension

With conditioner

  • 2.7 m to 3.2 m work widths
  • Front-mounted mowers with tine/roller ­conditioners (rubber rollers or M-Rolls)
  • DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
  • Over-centre transport position reduces ­transport height

The cutterbar features a host of smart details like the SafeCut disc protection system or the SmartCut blades with optimum overlaps. EasyCut R – the professional machine for farmers and contractors


Maximum operator comfort and perfect results are obtained by the new three-point headstock which allows operators to set the ground pressure hydraulically as an option.

EasyCut R

Working at widths from 2.73 m to 4.04 m, the rear-mounted EasyCut disc mowers deliver cleanest cuts. Forming a compact combination with the tractor, these machines stand out for light pulling and great ground contouring in any type of terrain.

The right rotor for every crop

KRONE offers a wide range of conditioners that suit all crops and needs. The CV steel tine conditioner is the conditioner of choice when intensive treatment is required in grass and haulm crops. The CR model is the perfect conditioner for gentle treatment of clover and lucerne. The CR model comes in two versions: as rubber rollers or as M-Rolls.

EasyCut R with conditioner

Those who seek faster wilting can opt for a tine or roller conditioner on the rear-mounted units for full-width treatment to the freshly cut material.

New addition to the KRONE conditioner range: KRONE M-Rolls

M-Rolls have two counter-rotating steel rollers that give uniform conditioning to crops like lucerne, crushing the material effectively and ensuring a consistent wilting process without losses.

The KRONE cutterbar
  • Fully welded: Robust, sealed and permanently lubricated
  • The durable satellite drives have massive spur gears for quiet running and superior efficiency
  • No inner shoe for trouble-free cutting

The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar meets the highest quality standards and operates dependably and leak-free over many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears impress by very quiet and reliable running in sustained peak-load operation.

Leak-proof and robust

Using welding robots and CNC technology, KRONE manufactures its cutterbars to the highest quality standards, ensuring they are fully welded and permanently lubricated. After all, the cutterbar is the heart of every disc mower.

Leak-proof and robust


No inner shoe

The cutterbar is driven by the right-angle gearbox just behind the inner top hat – for blockage-free operation on headlands and in awkward patches.

The original

[Translate to EN:] Der Satellitenantrieb im Mähholm – von KRONE ent­wickelt und seit Jahrzehnten weltweit erfolgreich im Einsatz: Großdimensionierte Stirnräder mit bis zu 59 ­Zähnen übertragen die Hauptantriebskräfte bis zum Ende des Mähholms. Aufgrund ihrer großen ­Durchmesser drehen sie langsamer, und es greifen viele Zähne ­benachbarter Stirnräder ineinander. ­Diese ­Konstruktion besticht durch Laufruhe, beste Kraftübertragung und hohe ­Lebensdauer. Die vorgelagerten Nebenantriebe treiben jeweils nur eine einzelne Mähscheibe an und sind damit nur geringen Belastungen ausgesetzt.

The original

Developed by KRONE, the established satellite drive has proven extremely well all over the world for so many years. Its massive spur gears with up to 59 teeth transmit the drive power down to the very last disc. The large-diameter gears rotate at reduced speeds, with a higher number of teeth meshing with the neighbouring gearwheels for even quieter running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. The auxiliary gears drive one disc each and as a result are exposed to only minimum loading.

Permanently lubricated

[Translate to EN:] Der geschlossene, rundum geschweißte Mähholm ist wartungsfrei und bleibt auch nach langjährigem Einsatz dicht und in Form. Spezielle Reinigungsverfahren während der Produktion ermöglichen eine Schmierung auf Lebensdauer und erübrigen die sonst üblichen ­Ölwechsel.

KRONE SmartCut for a perfect spread
  • The wedge-shaped cutterbar guarantees clean cuts
  • Heavy-duty spur gears run in widely-spaced double bearings
  • Swathing or spreading depending on needs

The wedge-shaped cutterbar offers great flexibility to adjust through a large range of settings and leave a short stubble in meadows and pastures as well as long stubble in long-stemmed field crops. An EasyCut mower delivers a reliable performance and clean cut.


With some discs turning in pairs towards each other and others turning away from each other, it was necessary to redesign the degree of blade overlap to ensure cleanest cuts. For stripeless cuts in light and young crops, we have therefore increased blade overlaps on the discs turning outwards (SmartCut). In addition, the blades turning to the rear are set further apart to encourage a smooth flow of large volumes of crop.


The spur gears are arranged in a forward position and eccentrically inside the gearbox right under the discs. The small auxiliary spur gears are removed from above, the massive main gears gearbox from the side.


Spinning inwards, the discs feed the material to the middle of the machine to avoid tractor wheels running over the cut crops. With discs spinning in the A sense of rotation, EasyCut F 280 and F 320 form one swath.

No swathing

With discs spinning in the B sense of rotation, EasyCut spreads the material across the full cutting width. All discs turn in pairs, spreading the material across the working width for faster and more uniform wilting.

The KRONE quick-change blade system
  • Quick-change blades allow operators to swap blades in the field quickly
  • Modular disc design
  • Minimum blade wear: 360° blade action
  • Excellent cuts from KRONE SmartCut: Optimum blade overlap

There are many reasons for choosing an EasyCut disc mower. Just think of the quick-change blades, the inexpensive wear parts and the perfect disc arrangement for stripeless cuts.

Changing blades in an instant

Quick-change blades are a must for many farmers and contractors. These blades are quick and easy to reverse or replace in situ.

Hovering over the sward

Made from hardened steel, the extra wide skids reduce the ground pressure and hence offer effective protection of both the cutterbar and the sward. The skids are bolted to the cutterbar so they are easy to replace.

Making higher cuts

High-cut skids are the solution for those who want 80 mm and longer stubble. Depending on how you bolt the skids to the cutterbar, you can increase the cutting height by 30 mm or 50 mm, which is ideal in forage and whole crop silage.

Added protection

We welded curved stops between the individual skids that protect the cutterbar from damage and also contoured the underside of the stops in such a way that no material can build up here and instead flows smoothly to the rear.

Minimum wear

The blades are free to spin 360-deg. on their pins. They are hard-wearing and self-cleaning, well protected and will not foul with the blades on the neighbouring discs.

Clean cuts

Blades of 112 mm length orbit with a generous overlap, producing the typically clean cuts and feeding the material to the rear in a consistent flow.

Cost saver

Worn blade fixing pins and wear parts are not an issue for KRONE Easy-Cut, because the modular design of the discs allows you to replace them individually. If you like, you can opt for bolts instead of pins.

The KRONE SafeCut system
The KRONE SafeCut system
  • Full driveline protection for added reliability
  • Neighbouring discs will not collide
  • Wear-free
  • Quick-change roll pins for minimum downtime and costs

Colliding discs may cause damage and involve costly repairs. KRONE SafeCut offers a maximum of protection and peace of mind. The award winning system on all EasyCut models offers a unique level of protection and operator comfort. SafeCut is a base specification feature on all EasyCut F models.

Two-fold protection

Orbiting within the sphere of the mower bed and never protruding beyond the skids, the EasyCut discs benefit from two-fold protection. Additional protection comes from the standard SafeCut system.

An ideal system

There is no load on the roll pins during operation. The bearing is tensioned by a nut and two clamping screws. As a result, the roll pins do not suffer from material fatigue and even after many hours of operation they will break only at their inbuilt load level.

Simply ingenious

Each disc on the mower has its own individual impact protection. When the blade hits an obstacle the shockload is transferred to a roll pin which breaks. As a result, the disc automatically threads 15 mm up on the drive shaft.

Effective and safe

If the system is suddenly overloaded, the impact is not directed to the spur gears in the driveline, instead a roll pin in the sprocket drive shaft shears off. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question, moving it out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighbouring discs. As a result, SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighbouring discs. The roll pins can be replaced in just a few minutes and cost next to nothing.

The KRONE DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension
  • The DuoGrip system – centre-of-gravity suspension and linkage control
  • Uniform ground pressure across the entire work width
  • Excellent guidance: less side thrust, clean cuts
  • Short and high-strength beam

A clean cut is fundamental for clean forage. Clean cuts are attributed to the special design of the cutterbar and the special suspension. The special KRONE DuoGrip suspension system suspends the disc mower in its centre of gravity and provides lateral guidance at the same time. Maintaining a consistent ground pressure across the full work width, the design leads to cleanest cuts on the one hand and light pulling and optimum lateral control on the other.

Spreading the load

The parallelogram linkage absorbs lateral forces and guides the unit in direction of travel. At the same time, it helps reduce the load on the jib and the suspension system in the machine’s centre of gravity. The two rods also indicate to the operator whether the tractor linkage is at good height.


La faucheuse est fixée à l’extrémité du bras par le biais d’un axe logé dans la sphère. Avec pour résultat une importante plage oscillante et un suivi exemplaire des reliefs du terrain. Une sécurité anticollision est également intégrée de série.

Suspended in its centre of gravity and not centrally

Suspended in its centre of gravity rather than centrally: Maintaining a uniform pressure across the entire work width is a requirement that is thoroughly met by Krone disc mowers, courtesy of a gearbox that is arranged on the inside of the machine where it shifts the centre of gravity to the side. This, the short jib and two extra braces give maximum stability while keeping the weight down – and delivering best results in rough going.

The KRONE cutter suspension system
  • Suspension springs with central control ensure uniform cuts  and an optimum ground pressure
  • Ground pressure control without tools
  • Hydraulic ground pressure control is an option
  • Two-fold impact damage protection

The hydraulic and the mechanical suspension springs are extremely responsive and provide perfect cuts even in undulating terrain and at high forward speeds. This is the first step in making clean and high-quality forage and a requirement for a fast and uniform re-growth. The kinematics between the coil spring and the main beam maintain a nearly consistent ground pressure, even in undulating terrain.

For peace of mind

Conveniently visible from the cab, the pressure gauge indicates the current ground pressure for peace of mind that the machine is operating at the optimum pressure and minimum lateral pull requiring substantially less tractor power.

Adjusting the ground pressure manually

Adjusting the spring manually is a fast and easy job. Simply refit a pin to select the target tension. The ground pressure drops as the spring tension increases.

Adjusting the ground pressure from the tractor

The spring can also be adjusted hydraulically as an option for instant ground pressure changes on the move. The spring tension is released from the seat before the machine is removed from the tractor.

Fully protected

The standard impact damage protection system on EasyCut R models gives you peace of mind as you work along borders, fences and hedges and suddenly collide with an obstacle. When the system trips, the mower swings 1.20 m to the rear and up to 40 cm upwards and clear out of any obstacle. After the obstacle has been passed, the mower swings automatically back into work position.

Rear and upward travel

The standard mechanical impact protection system is a very dependable system that consists of an adjustable coil spring and a latch. Integrated in the suspension system, it ensures the mower breaks back when impacting an obstacle.

Work position and transport position
  • The unit folds into an over-centre position, reducing the transport height and optimising the weight distribution and view to the rear
  • The unit is lifted hydraulically and without raising the tractor links to make the headland turn
  • Large suspension travel

Implementing a large work width on a mower poses a special challenge to the designers who have to reconcile demands for high work rates with those for good transport and contouring qualities. The solutions are reflected by the KRONE Z-form, the low pivot point, the over-centre transport position and the headland position that does not require operating the tractor’s link arms. KRONE disc mowers offer safe travel and best cuts even in difficult conditions.

Controlled from the cab

The unit folds hydraulically beyond TDC, the single-acting ram on the EasyCut R 280 and R 320 has an accumulator and folds 110° over top dead centre, the double-acting ram on EasyCut R 280 CV, R 320 CV and R 360 folds 124° for better road stability and visibility. Actively folding and unfolding, both versions make for trouble-free changeovers.

Large suspension travel

Z-shaped arms enable large vertical travel (29° up, 20° down) – ideal for mowing banks and verges.

Reduced transport height

The Z-shaped arm has a low pivot point for a reduced transport height and yet offers a large ground clearance for smooth travel on rutted field roads.

Safe road travel

Shifting the machine weight to the middle distributes its weight more evenly on to the lower links, which improves the tractor ride and gives operators a clear view behind in the mirrors.

EasyCut R 280 and R 320: Driveline and suspension
  • Manual or hydraulic ground pressure control
  • Low-maintenance, frictional drive; no belts
  • KRONE SafeCut cutterbar protection is a standard feature
  • Cantilevered guard frame ensures smooth crop flow

Looking for a high-capacity mower that works at widths of about 3.00 m? Then the KRONE EasyCut R 280 and R 320 with DuoGrip disc mowers are for you. These machines are packed with innovative features such as the DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension with manual or hydraulic suspension control, the unique auto-reset system and the optimized cutterbar for stripeless cuts.

Spring suspension

The spring on EasyCut R 280 and R 320 is adjusted manually or hydraulically as an option. for best contouring in all types of terrain and also at high forward speeds.

Constant-velocity and high-power driveline

The power flows down a frictional driveline of shafts and gears. The drive shaft boasts overrunning and friction clutches between the main gearbox and the mower providing maximum protection to the cutterbar, the universal joints as well as the tractor pto.

Full work width

EasyCut R280 and EasyCut R 320 have adjustable lower link pins that allow the machine to run offset behind the tractor and cut at full width at any track width, on side slopes and in combination with a front mower.

Added protection

The fold-up ends of the curtain are lined by bumper tubes that protect the curtain from damage when the machine hits an obstacle.

Smooth and consistent crop flow

All EasyCut R 280 and EasyCut R 320 models have a cantilevered deck that enables an unobstructed crop flow. These mowers cut and swath across sloping fields and in awkward patches without any hiccups, delivering uniform swaths that speak for themselves.

EasyCut R 280 and R 320: Transport, service and maintenance
  • Only one double-acting spool required to operate the folding mechanism
  • The mower inclines to the middle of the tractor for convenient travel between fields
  • Folded to 110° on the optional stands, the mower requires only minimum storage space
  • Impact damage protection by rear and upward travel

At home and abroad, KRONE disc mowers perform successfully in many different countries and conditions, where developers gain new insights and in-field experiences implementing these into the development of EasyCut. For example, the EasyCut R models can be stored in vertical position to save space in the machine shed. This is just one of many practical details on the KRONE disc mowers that save time and hassle.


When the mower moves into transport position, the guard folds back to reduce the transport height. When the machines lowers into work position the guard, too, moves back into work position.

Great accessibility

The front curtain folds up to give convenient access to the discs for easy cleaning and blade replacement.

Handy box

Spareblades are neatly stored in this mobile drawer which eliminates clutter in the cab.

The tipper coupler will do

Only one single-acting ram with accumulator is required to swing the rear-mounted EasyCut R 280 and R 320 mowers from work position to headland or transport position and vice versa.

A KRONE exclusive!

The vertical storage position saves space in the machine shed. The optional stands give the machine good footing and are useful for attachment and removal. But of course EasyCut R 280 and EasyCut R 320 also store in horizontal position.

EasyCut R 360 and R 400: Tractor attachment and suspension
  • 3.60 m or 4.04 m working width
  • Forming two swaths or spreading the material
  • Hydraulic cutterbar suspension is available as an option
  • Excellent value for money

The high-capacity EasyCut R 360 and R 400 mowers are mounted machines that score on enormous work rates and productivity, performing equally well in forage harvesting and field extensification.

The three-point hitch

These two models have particularly strong headstocks. They can move sideways and the lower link pins can be refitted to adjust to suit different tractor track widths and to team up with a front mower.

Suspension springs

These two mowers have two very strong suspension springs that minimize the ground pressure. Operators can adjust the spring loading manually or hydraulically as an option from the tractor seat.

EasyCut R 360 and R 400: Transport and swathing modes
  • Low tractor input
  • DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension and arm guidance
  • Mechanical break-back system
  • SafeCut Shear-bolt protection on each individual disc

The EasyCut R 360 and 400 models offer the specification and operator comfort you deserve: excellent value for money, high acreage at low power input, centre-of-gravity suspension, the innovative SafeCut disc protection system, a compact transport position, straightforward operation and convenient handling. All these details are benchmark features on a machine of this size. Depending on specification and disc rotation, they spread or windrow the crop into two equal swaths.

EasyCut R 360 in road transport

EasyCut R 360 in road transport: The EasyCut R 360 model swings up and beyond TDC behind and very close to the tractor improving ride comfort especially on small tractors.

EasyCut R 400 in road transport

The EasyCut R 400 moves hydraulically into the transport position behind the tractor and folds up the front curtain. This turns the machine into a narrow, low-profile transport unit for smooth passage underneath bridges and through gates and for safe travel on public roads.

No swathing

Spreading across the full width: Spreading the material leads to faster wilting because it exposes a larger surface to the sun and wind, leading to very high-quality forage and fewer losses.

‘B’ sense of rotation for spreads across the full width, ‘A’ sense of rotation for swath formation

Spreading across the full width (B sense of rotation): The discs on the EasyCut R 360 and R 400 models work in pairs, with two discs running with opposed action spreading the material across the full width. Forming two swaths (A sense of rotation): This is an option for those who try to avoid running over the cut crops. These models have only the central discs run with opposed action, producing two swaths.

EasyCut R 280 CV and R 320 CV: The tine conditioner models
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Optional wide spreading crop deflectors
  • Infinitely variable windrow width
  • Mechanical gearbox, variable intensity conditioning

The KRONE CV rotor with V-shaped and grippy steel tines spreads the crop at the full working width. Its massive 64 cm (2'1") diameter and the helical arrangement of the tines warrant a continuous crop flow, high throughputs and superior conditioning. 

Firm grip on the crop

The v-tines are made from hardened steel and mount at a steep angle, treating the forage intensively and powerfully. The tines pivot to the rear when hitting a foreign object whereas forward pivoting is restricted to increase the service life of the pins.

Full-width conditioning

Full-width treatment: The tine conditioners on each mower span across the work width from the left to the right top hat, providing a uniform and consistent crop flow across the full width and giving optimum conditioning.

Intensive conditioning

The standard baffle plate on the CV conditioner adds to the conditioning effect of the tines for more intensive conditioning.

Stepless baffle plate adjustment

This lever in the multi-step gate varies the gap between the tines and the baffle plate. As you reduce the gap you increase the intensity of conditioning.

The mechanical gearbox

Mechanical gearbox: Select 900 rpm for intensive treatment and 600 rpm for less intensive conditioning. Setting the speed is easy from the gearshift lever.

EasyCut R 280 CR and R 320 CR

The CR roller conditioner models (polyurethane rollers or M-Rolls)

  • Consistent crop flow by 25 cm diameter rollers
  • High throughput from powered crop processor rollers
  • Top quality from profiled rollers – thanks to their meshing effect
  • Choice of roller conditioners – polyurethane rollers or steel M-Rolls

Leafy crops like Lucerne or clovers require a different type of conditioning than crops that are predominantly grass. The CR roller conditioners give particularly gentle treatment, leaving intact the delicate leaves which are so rich in protein and safeguarding the value of the feed. Spreading the crop will speed up wilting.

Frictional connections

Frictional connections: They are driven by a power-efficient gearbox. The bottom box driving the bottom roller is integrated in the gearbox that drives the cutterbar, which is located behind the inner top hat. The top roller suspends from a spring which ensures a continuous flow in inconsistent growth and allows foreign objects to pass the system trouble-free. Thanks to a stepless adjustment system, the operator adapts the gap and pressure steplessly to current yields.

Full-width application

The full-width CR rollers ensure a uniform conditioning across the full work width whilst the rubber coating gives continued resistance to abrasion and wear.

250 mm diameter

250 mm diameter rollers: The massive crop processor rollers are extremely powerful, giving consistent conditioning even in very heavy crops whilst keeping the power input low. The polyurethane coat offers lasting resistance to abrasion and wear.

Two drives for double power

Double power: The speed of the powered top roller is synchronized with the bottom roller by an optional gearbox, which mounts on the outside of the mower bed. With this level of specification the machine is kitted out to deal with the heaviest of crops.

Perfect treatment from profiled M-Rolls

The counter-rotating M-Rolls mesh to crush the material and yet leave a sufficiently wide gap for the material to pass through. The result is a uniform conditioning quality for uniform wilting and no fragmentation – the perfect system for lucerne, for example.

EasyCut R 280 / 320 CV and R 280 / 320 CR
  • Safe road travel with the mower folded to a 124-deg. angle
  • Stored on stands and in vertical position for minimum storage space
  • Side-shifting headstock for optimum configuration
  • Durable curtains with rubber bumper strips

KRONE is aware of farmers’ needs and delivers the technology they need in order to maximize profits. The EasyCut R 280 CV / CR and R 320 CV / CR mowers are always the best choice, offering the options of shifting the headstock and moving the unit into a 124deg. transport position for an even weight distribution and good visibility on the road.

Uniform ground pressure

Two suspension springs transfer the weight of the mower to the headstock reducing the ground pressure and protecting the sward. As an option, the coil springs can be operated hydraulically from the cab for enhanced operator comfort.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance: The front guard folds up to give easy access to the discs for cleaning and convenient blade replacement, a compact design that offers superb accessibility.

Added protection

Thorough protection: The folding side and front guards are lined by rubber strips that protect them from damage when colliding with obstacles.

Minimum space

Stands are available as an option to store the machine either in work or transport position – and save space in the machine shed during winter storage.

Full work width

Full work width: The headstock can move to either side adjusting to different track widths and front mowers and allowing operators to cut at full widths and optimum overlap.

Accessories - Safe travel

Optional LED lights for all EasyCut R models are available in an accessories kit, ensuring road safety also in poor light conditions.


EasyCut R
EasyCut R 280 EasyCut R 320 EasyCut R 360 EasyCut R 400 EasyCut R 280 CV EasyCut R 280 CR EasyCut R 320 CV EasyCut R 320 CR
Working width (m) 2.73 3.16 3.60 4.04 2.73 2.73 3.16 3.16 configure
Transport height (m) 3.50 3.90 4.00 1.50 3.10 3.10 3.50 3.50 configure
No. of discs 4 5 6 7 4 4 5 5 configure
No. of top hats 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 configure
Tine conditioner CV - - - - Standard - Standard - configure
CR conditioner with rubber rollers - - - - - Standard - Standard configure
CR conditioner with M-Rolls (steel rollers) - - - - - optional - optional configure
Input power (kW/hp) 40 / 55 50 / 68 55 / 75 66 / 90 51 / 70 51 / 70 59 / 80 59 / 80 configure
configure configure configure configure configure configure configure configure

Rugged and easy use

The EasyCut R rear-mounted disc mowers

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen


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