EasyCut TS/TC

Trailed disc mowers

EasyCut TS/TC

Trailed disc mowers

Performing in the most versatile conditions around the world, the new and stylish EasyCut TS/TC models stand out for their enormous versatility and flexibility. Choose from various drawbar ends and three different conditioners and opt for the Collect swathing belt as examples of the versatility on offer.

  • Mowers with side-mounted (TS) and mid-mounted drawbar (TC)
  • Robust and fully welded cutterbar with massive and permanently lubricated sprockets
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts from extra wide blade overlappings
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • Quick-change blades are standard specification
  • DuoGrip: Centre-of-gravity suspension with dual grip control for perfect contouring
  • Tine conditioner (CV) or roller conditioner (CR) for fast and uniform wilts
  • Optional Collect cross belt increases your ­swathing options
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Product video

KRONE EasyCut TC/TS trailed disc mowers

The trailed mowers with a working width of 3.16 m to 6.20 m offer the highest degree of flexibility and meet the most diverse requirements worldwide. The TS models convince by their compact design, the TC models by their wide range of applications. With the central drawbar you have the possibility to work at the right or the left side of the tractor. These trailed mowers are available with either V-steel tine or roller conditioner. All conditioner models can be equipped with the KRONE Collect system.


KRONE M-Rolls conditioner

The new trailed machines are available with the well-proven V-steel tines (CV) or the CR roller either with rubber rollers or the new M-Rolls. These feature an M-profile tread that suits especially demanding conditions such as leafy crops or stone-strewn fields. The 25cm diameter M-Rolls ensure an effective crop flow even in high-yielding crops. They kink the haulms multiple times, reducing the drying time in the field and ensuring a uniform wilting process and an exemplary quality of forage.

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Product features

EasyCut TS/TC - The new trailed mowers from KRONE
  • Mowers with side-mounted (TS) and mid-mounted drawbar (TC)
  • „„Robust and fully welded cutterbar with massive and permanently lubricated sprockets
  • SmartCut: Stripeless cuts from extra wide blade overlappings
  • SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • Quick-change blades are standard specification„„
  • DuoGrip: Centre-of-gravity suspension with dual grip control for perfect contouring
  • Tine conditioner (CV) or roller conditioner (CR) for fast and uniform wilts
  • Optional Collect cross belt increases your swathing options
The EasyCut TS/TC models
  • Multiple attachment options for great versatility
  • Choice of conditioners to suit different crops
  • Tried-and-tested – the solid EasyCut cutterbar
  • „„Hydraulic suspension for superb contouring and sward protection

Performing in the most versatile conditions around the world, the new and stylish EasyCut TS/TC models stand out for their enormous versatility and flexibility. Choose from various drawbar ends and three different conditioners and opt for the Collect swathing belt as examples of the versatility on offer.

The conditioner with V-tines

The pivoting V-shaped tines provide uniform conditioning across the full work width.

The CR conditioner with rubber rollers

The full-width and chevron-profiled rollers mesh to achieve the best results in leguminosae and other leafy crops.

The CR conditioner with M-Rolls

The counter-rotating M-Rolls crush the material for more uniform conditioning and wilting.

EasyCut Trailed Side models (TS)

Running offside behind the tractor, the new trailed mowers with side-mounted drawbar stand out for a straightforward and compact design. The short, side-mounted drawbar is perfect for managing turns on tight headland. The mower teams up with a front mower to boost productivity.

EasyCut Trailed Center models (TC)

These new trailed mowers from Krone have a mid-mounted drawbar that offers maximum flexibility when operating the machine solo or in combination with a front mower. The new trailed machines with mid-mounted drawbar offer hydraulic side-shifting, cutting offset to left or right behind the tractor.

The KRONE cutterbar
  • Fully welded: Robust, sealed and permanently lubricated
  • „„The durable satellite drives have massive spur gears for quiet running and superior Efficiency
  • „„No inner shoe for trouble-free cutting

The enclosed and fully welded cutterbar meets the highest quality standards and operates dependably and leak-free over many years of hard work. Massive and oil-immersed spur gears impress by very quiet and reliable running in sustained peak-load operation.

No inner shoe

The cutterbar is driven by the right-angle gearbox just behind the inner top hat – for blockage-free operation on headlands and in awkward patches.

The original

The established satellite drives were developed by KRONE and have proven extremely well all over the world for as many as 30 years now. Its massive spur gears with up to 59 teeth transmit the drive power down to the very last disc. The large-diameter gears rotate at reduced speeds, with a higher number of teeth meshing with the neighbouring gearwheels for even quieter running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. The auxiliary gears drive one disc each and as a result are exposed to only minimum loading.

Leak-proof and robust

Using welding robots and CNC technology, KRONE manufactures its cutterbars to the highest quality standards, ensuring they are fully welded and permanently lubricated. After all, the cutterbar is the heart of every disc mower.

Permanently lubricated

The completely welded cutterbar is maintenance free and won’t leak nor lose shape even in so many years of work. We give it special cleanings throughout the manufacturing process so we can implement permanent lubrication and eliminate the need for oil changes.

The KRONE cutterbar – Stripeless cuts, swathing, spreading
  • The wedge-shaped cutterbar guarantees clean cuts
  • „„SmartCut: Generous blade overlap for an optimum crop flow to the rear
  • „„Swathing or not swathing

Offering flexible height control, the wedge-shaped cutterbar gives users the versatility to cut short grass in meadows and pastures but also long-stemmed forage crops. An EasyCut mower delivers a reliable performance and clean cut.

Heavy-duty and flexible

The wedge-shaped cutterbar offers many height setting options. The spur gears run in massive double bearings, allowing the cutterbar to handle extremely high loads.

Forget about stripes

With some discs turning in pairs towards each other and others turning away from each other, it was necessary to redesign the degree of blade overlap to ensure cleanest cuts. For stripeless cuts in light and young crops, the blade overlapson the discs turning outwards have increased substantially. In addition, the blades turning to the rear are set further apart to encourage a smooth flow of large volumes of crop.


The spur gears are arranged in a forward position and eccentrically inside the gearbox right under the discs. The small auxiliary spur gears are removed from above, the massive main gears gearbox from the side.


The eccentric bearings are positioned in such a way that the discs feed the material to the middle of the machine for the tractor to straddle it.

No swathing

With discs spinning in the B sense of rotation, EasyCut spreads the material across the full cutting width. All discs turn in pairs, spreading the material across the working width for faster and more uniform wilting.

The KRONE quick-change blade system
  • Quick-change blades allow operators to swap blades in the field quickly
  • „„Modular disc design
  • „„Minimum blade wear: 360° blade Action
  • „„Excellent cuts: Optimum blade overlap

There are many reasons for choosing an EasyCut disc mower. Just think of the quick-change blades, the inexpensive wear parts and the perfect disc arrangement for stripeless cuts.

Changing blades in an instant

Quick-change blades are considered a must by many farmers and contractors. The blades are quick and easy to reverse or replace in situ.

Hovering over the sward

Made from hardened steel, the extra wide skids reduce the ground pressure and hence offer effective protection of both the cutterbar and the sward. The skids are bolted to the cutterbar so they are easy to replace.

Making higher cuts

High-cutting skids are the solution for those who want 80 mm and longer stubble. Depending on how you bolt the skids to the cutterbar, you can increase the cutting height by 30 mm or 50 mm, which is ideal in forage and whole crop silage.

Added protection

We welded curved stops between the individual skids that protect the cutterbar from damage and also contoured the underside of the stops in such a way that no material can build up here and instead flows smoothly to the rear.

Minimum wear

The blades are free to spin 360° on their pins. They are hard-wearing and self-cleaning, well protected and will not foul with the blades on the neighbouring discs.

Clean cuts

Blades of 112 mm length orbit with a generous overlap, producing the typically clean cuts and feeding the material to the rear in a consistent flow.

Cost saver

Worn blade fixing pins and wear parts are not an issue for KRONE EasyCut, because the modular design of the discs allows you to replace them individually. If you like, you can opt for bolts instead of pins.

The KRONE SafeCut system
  • „Full driveline protection for added reliability
  • Neighbouring discs will not collide
  • Wear-free
  • Quick-change roll pins for minimum downtime and Costs.

Colliding discs may cause damage and involve costly repairs. KRONE SafeCut offers a maximum of protection and peace of mind. The award winning system on all EasyCut models offers a unique level of protection and operator comfort. SafeCut is a base specification feature on all EasyCut TS/TC models.

Two-fold protection

Orbiting within the sphere of the mower bed and never protruding beyond the skids, the EasyCut discs benefit from two-fold protection. Additional protection comes from the standard SafeCut system.

An ideal system

There is no load on the roll pins during operation. The bearing is tensioned by a nut and two clamping screws. As a result, the roll pins do not suffer from material fatigue and will break only at their inbuilt load level - even after many hours of use.

Simply ingenious

Each disc on the mower has its own individual impact protection. When the blade hits an obstacle the shockload is transferred to a roll pin which breaks. As a result, the disc automatically threads 15 mm up on the drive shaft.

Absolutely safe

If the system is suddenly overloaded, the impact is not directedm to the spur gears in the driveline, instead a roll pin in the sprocket drive shaft shears off. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question, moving it out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighbouring discs. As a result, SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighbouring discs. The oll pins can be replaced in just a few minutes and cost next to nothing.

The KRONE DuoGrip suspension
  • DuoGrip: Suspends the mower in its centre of gravity and guides it via two arms
  • Uniform ground pressure across the entire work width
  • Excellent guidance: less side thrust, clean cuts
  • Hydraulic cutterbar suspension for superb contouring and sward protection

The KRONE DuoGrip suspends the mower in its centre of gravity and guides it via two arms. This design allows the cutterbar to follow the ground contours even more accurately for a better protection of the sward. This way, the machine produces high-quality forage even in difficult conditions.

Optimum ground pressure

DuoGrip allows the EasyCut mowers to deliver particularly clean and tidy cuts whilst protecting the sward. Suspended in their centre of gravity and pulled by a short arm, the mower operates at a consistent ground pressure across the entire work width which is set hydraulically from the convenience of the cab. The operator views the ideal ground pressure on the gauge. Two parallel steering rods give additional guidance by absorbing any side draft, improving the guidance, and increasing the overall stability. The modular design of the new curtains reduces machine weight and prevents material from collecting on the machine.

Quick and easy

The cutting height is controlled by operating this crank handle. The current height is indicated on the scale. Hydraulic height control is an option. The grey box stores spare blades for quick blade changes and is a standard feature on all EasyCut models.

Better contouring from a new design

The curved frame results in a greater lift-out height during headland turns and increases the lateral travel for enhanced performance in extremely undulating terrain. The drawbar is mounted in the middle of the machine and above the axle for enhanced stability in sloping fields.

EasyCut TS 320
  • The ideal solution for smaller tractors – shifting weight off the rear axle
  • „„Light-pulling and compact machine with a sturdy V-Frame
  • Slewing gearbox for round and round work and on-the-spot turns
  • „„DuoGrip centre-of-gravity Suspension
  • „Convenient depth control from a crank handle

Are you looking for a powerful trailed mower without conditioner that works at a width of about 3.16 m? Then the Krone EasyCut TS 320 with DuoGrip centre-of-gravity suspension is the machine for you. This mower stands out for an extremely low power input, maximum stability as well as a superior level of specification and operator comfort.

High operator comfort and light pull

The trailed EasyCut TS 320 without conditioner impresses by its superior performance, very light draft and good ride qualities. Compared with a mounted mower, the trailed machine reduces the load on the tractor's rear axle and its hydraulics. As another plus, it offers a much lower transport height and hence better road safety. The transport position does not exceed 3.00 m.

Perfect contouring

The V-shaped frame of the EasyCut TS 320 model with side-mounted drawbar is robust and compact. Its generous ground clearance makes for plenty of vertical travel. Suspended in its centre of gravity and linkage controlled, the cutterbar swings back and up through a large angle avoiding obstacles, a design that ensures clean work also in undulating fields. The cutterbar is driven by a powerful right-angle gearbox which makes for a frictional connection and is arranged behind the inner top hat.

Optimum ground pressure at all times

It takes just a minute to adjust the machine perfectly to the current conditions. The cutterbar’s ground pressure is set by tensioning the coil springs.


Equipped with side-mounted drawbar and pivoting gearbox, the unit cuts around any bend. The two-point headstock attaches to the height-adjustable link arms – although the floating drawbar has become the preferred choice of attachment in some countries.

Easy maintenance

The front curtain folds up to give convenient access to the discs for easy cleaning and blade replacement.

Minimum space

Running inline behind the tractor during road travel, EasyCut TS 320 does not exceed the statutory 3 m transport width, gives plenty of ground clearance and is approved to 40 km/h maximum speed. This is the machine to travel quickly between sites.

The KRONE conditioner with V-type steel tines
  • Easy and quick Operation
  • Optional deflectors spread the material across the full width
  • „Infi nitely variable swath widths
  • „Mechanical gearbox, variable conditioning intensity

The KRONE CV rotor with V-shaped and grippy steel tines spreads the crop at the full working width. Its massive 64 cm diameter and the helical arrangement of the tines warrant a continuous crop fl ow, high throughputs and superior conditioning.

Firm grip on the crop

The v-tines are made from hardened steel and mount at a steep angle, treating the forage intensively and powerfully. The tines pivot to the rear when hitting a foreign object whereas their restricted forward angle increases the pivot pin‘s lifetime.

Full-width conditioning

The tine conditioners on each mower span across the work width from the left to the right top hat, providing a uniform and consistent crop fl ow across the full width and giving optimum conditioning.

Stepless baffle plate adjustment

This lever in the multi-step gate varies the gap between the tines and the baffle plate. As you reduce the gap you increase the intensity of conditioning.

Intensive conditioning

The standard baffl e plate on the CV conditioner adds to the conditioning eff ect of the tines for more intensive conditioning.

The mechanical gearbox

Select 900 rpm for intensive treatment and 600 rpm for less intensive conditioning. Setting the speed is easy from the gearshift lever.

Die Krone Walzenaufbereiter
  • „„Consistent crop flow by 25 cm diameter rollers
  • High throughput from powered crop processor rollers
  • „„Top quality from profiled rollers - thanks to their meshing effect„„
  • Choice of roller conditioners – rubber rollers or steel M-Rolls

Leafy crops like Lucerne or clovers require a different type of conditioning than crops that are predominantly grass. The CR roller conditioners give particularly gentle treatment, leaving intact the delicate leaves which are so rich in protein and safeguarding the value of the feed. Spreading the crop will speed up wilting.

Spring suspension / Frictional connections

The top roller suspends from a spring which ensures a continuous flow in inconsistent growth and allows foreign objects to pass the system trouble-free. Thanks to a stepless adjustment system, the operator adapts the gap and pressure steplessly to current yields. They are driven by a power-efficient gearbox. The bottom box that drives the bottom roller is integrated in the cutterbar gearbox behind the inner top hat.

Full-width application

The full-width rubber rollers ensure a uniform conditioning effect across the entire work width and the rubber coating ensures maximum longevity. The interlocking surfaces of the rollers give intensive but gentle conditioning whilst avoiding losses.

25 cm diameter

The large-diameter CR conditioner rotors deliver a smooth and consistent flow of crop and have a low power input.

Two drives for double power

The top roll of the M-Rolls is driven by a separate gearbox on the right end of the cutterbar which synchronizes the speed of the top and bottom rolls, bracing you for wet and heavy crops.

Perfect treatment from profiled M-Rolls

The counter-rotating M-Rolls mesh to crush the material and yet leave a sufficiently wide gap for the material to pass through. The result is a uniform conditioning quality for uniform wilting and no fragmentation – the perfect system for lucerne, for example.

The KRONE Collect swathing belt
  • „Separate on-board hydraulic drive
  • Infinitely variable crop throw
  • Belt auto on/off during lift/lower
  • „„Wide and high-capacity swathing belt
  • „„Frameless design for reduced machine weight
  • „„Massive and stronger drive rollers warrant a continuous crop flow also in difficult conditions

The hydraulic cross conveyor belt which is available for some of the trailed models saves time, reduces the number of passes and minimizes compaction. By feeding the crop to the swath without it contacting the ground, this system guarantees particularly clean forage.

Uniform and consistent crop feed

The 91 cm wide cross belt with bolted bars feeds the crop consistently to the side, producing particularly uniform swaths that are very easy to pick up by the following harvester. An on-board hydraulic system comprising an oil reservoir, a pump and a hydro motor powers the belt and eliminates any hydraulic input from the tractor. The belt stops and restarts automatically when the mower lifts and lowers out of and back into work. Varying the belt speed infinitely variably varies the width of the swath.

Effective throw

The conditioner tines on a machine that has the swathing belt also serve to feed the material to the belt. To increase the efficiency of the throw, the spaces between some tines are covered

The all-round machine

The trailed EasyCut disc mower conditioners with cross belts suit a wide range of applications. Being true all-round machines, they operate with and without the belts. When the belts are out of work, the mower produces either wide or compact single swaths. With the belts in work, they feed the material on or next to the existing swath, forming a double swath that suits the full pick-up capacity of the following harvester.

EasyCut TS/TC models with conditioner
    • Enhanced operator comfort from hydraulic suspension
    • New and modular frame with tensioned curtains for enhanced contouring
    • Hydraulic height control or tilt function is an option
    • Standard slewing gearbox for a straight power flow
    • Optional KRONE Collect swathing belt

    The new trailed mowers with conditioners offer a maximum in flexibility and versatility. These
    machines satisfy a wide range of different needs and requirements. The TS models score on
    their compact design and the TC models on versatility. The mid-mounted drawbar allows the
    mower to track offset on either side behind the tractor. All conditioner models can be specified
    with the Krone Collect system as an option.

    Road travel

    The side guards fold up for optimum road safety. Hydraulic folding is an option for more operator comfort. This changes the 3.20 m work width into a less than 3 m road width – what’s wide in the field turns into narrow on the road.

    Tight headland turns

    With drive shafts running on the sides and the slewing gearbox being a standard fit, opening fields and turning on headlands becomes a straightforward and easy affair, saving time and boosting efficiency.

    Easy maintenance

    The front curtain folds up to give convenient access to the discs for easy cleaning and blade replacement.

    Perfect overlapping

    Depending on the position of the drawbar, this double arrow indicates the current overlap, clearly indicating the current setting depending on the tractor width and the current transport position of the drawbar.

    Hydraulic height control

    All TS/TC models offer cutting height control from the cab as an option. But also the Tilt feature helps dealing with obstacles. The cutting height is raised temporarily to avoid machine damage and yet avoid raising the machine.


    EasyCut TS/TC
    EasyCut TS 320 EasyCut TS 320 CV EasyCut TS 320 CR EasyCut TC 320 CV EasyCut TC 320 CR EasyCut TS 360 CV EasyCut TS 360 CR
    Working width (m) 3.16 3.16 3.16 3.16 3.16 3.60 3.60 configure
    Drawbar attachment side side side center center side side configure
    No. of discs 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 configure
    No. of top hats 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 configure
    conditioner - V-tines Rollers V-tines Rollers V-tines Rollers configure
    Input power (kW/hp) 59 / 80 59 / 80 59 / 80 59 / 80 59 / 80 66 / 90 66 / 90 configure
    configure configure configure configure configure configure configure

    Compact, versatile and perfect contouring

    The trailed disc mowers EasyCut TS/TC

    KRONE Landmaschinen

    KRONE Landmaschinen

    KRONE Landmaschinen


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