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Round balers

KRONE VariPack is a belt baler that was specifically designed for baling dry crops. The design focuses on simple technology, high throughputs and high baling densities.

  • High-capacity belt baler for dry crops
  • EasyFlow pick-up without cam track has few moving parts
  • Integral feed rotor and integral rotor cutter ensure maximum throughputs
  • XC cutting system for exact and smooth cuts
  • Effective bale start and roll ensures perfect bales
  • Exceptionally high densities
  • Optional chute for convenient net roll changes
  • Auto chain oiler and grease banks reduce time spent servicing
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KRONE VariPack

KRONE VariPack is a belt baler that was specifically designed for baling dry crops. The design focuses on simple technology, high throughputs and high baling densities.

Product features

VariPack Round balers
  • High-capacity belt baler for dry crops „
  • EasyFlow pick-up without cam track has few moving parts „
  • Integral feed rotor and integral rotor cutter ensure maximum throughputs „
  • XC cutting system for exact and smooth cuts „
  • Effective bale start and roll ensures perfect bales
  • Exceptionally high densities „
  • Optional chute for convenient net roll changes „
  • Auto chain oiler and grease banks reduce time spent servicing
The KRONE EasyFlow pick-up
  • A clean rake – 2.15 m pick-up for thorough and consistent rakes without losses „
  • Safe – 6 mm thick double tines with large diameter coils „
  • Durable and hard-wearing – few moving parts reduce wear to a minimum

The wide EasyFlow pick-up makes sure no haulm is left on the ground even in difficult conditions and when working at high speeds. Thanks to its clutter-free build that relies on only very few moving parts, the unit stands out for minimum wear and maximum longevity.

The EasyFlow pick-up

The EasyFlow pick-up offers a 2.15 m work width for high hourly outputs. The robust double tines gather the material effectively and feed it in a very consistent flow to the feed rotor and rotor cutter. The spring-loaded EasyFlow provides perfect ground contouring even in the roughest terrain.

Camless and good / Robust double tines

KRONE has purposely removed the cam track from the EasyFlow for controlling the tines. Instead of using many moving parts that are prone to wear, EasyFlow has special strippers that ensure the tine angle is always right the length ideal. Measuring 6 mm in diameter and mounted with large coils, the tines are particularly vigorous and hard-wearing. Narrowly spaced at 55 mm, they pick up also short haulmed and heavy crops thoroughly and without contamination.

The crop press roller

The crop press roller supports the work of the pickup by detecting the size of the swath and preparing it for effective gathering. The height is altered on a simple mechanism for easy and fast use and adaptation to varying crops, swath volumes and work rates. This results in clean and thorough gathering.

The gauge wheels

The pick-up runs on two gauge wheels the height of which is set easily and fast without the need of tools and simply by refitting a pin.

The KRONE Integral Rotor
  • Versatile and flexible – choice of an integral feed rotor or an integral rotor cutter with 17 blades „
  • Powerful – the 530 mm rotor ensures massive throughputs „
  • Consistent flow – the rotor with integrated feed roller provides a uniform crop flow „
  • Precision cut – the best quality thanks to the rotor for controlled cuts „
  • Making things easy – the floor beneath the cut-and-feed assembly drops hydraulically  for convenient removal of blockages

The integral rotor is available with or without a cutting system. Rugged by design, the unit performs dependably and reliability in challenging conditions. The integral rotor has feed augers integrated at its ends, a design that leads to a significant reduction of the number of moving parts. Fewer moving parts translate into better cleaning, less service and maintenance and a longer lifespan.

The Integral Rotor

VariPack has the feed auger integrated in both ends of the rotor cutter (left) and the feed rotor (right). This means that only one drive is required to power the pick-up and the rotor. Combining helical tines and augers on the same rotor optimises the material flow across the entire width of the rotor for high bale weights and perfect cuts.

The compact design

Integrating the feed rollers in the rotor leads to a very consistent and dependable feed of material from the pick-up to the rotor – another boon for the overall crop flow and reliable machine performance.

The driveline

The pick-up and the integral rotor are driven by one shared 1 ¼inch chain. The simple and robust drive uses only few moving parts thus reduces wear and the time you spent servicing.

The drop floor

The floor under the cut-and-feed rotor drops at a flick of a button to remove blockages conveniently from the cab. With the floor down, the pto is operated to clear the blockage. Then the floor is raised again and baling continues.

The KRONE cutting system XCut
  • The VariPack cutting system has 17 blades „
  • The blade group control operates 0/8/9/17 blades „
  • Each blade is individually protected for a consistently high cutting Quality

VariPack 165 XC and 190 XC have a 17-blade cutting system that can be selected in groups of 0 / 8 / 9 / 17 blades to cut lengths of 128 mm or 64 mm for best results in all conditions.

The blades

The blades have long, curved cutting edges for particularly fuel-efficient cuts as the grass is pulled past them. The wavy edges cut all types of crops precisely and also offer extended sharpness. All blades are identical and interchangeable.

Individual blade protection

Each blade is spring-loaded for individual impact protection. Whenever it is hit by an object it retracts from the crop flow and automatically returns into working position after the object has passed. The other blades remain unaffected by this and continue cutting, ensuring a consistent quality of cut.

The quality of cut

The double tines pull the material in a consistent flow through the blades, preventing any haulm to slip through and leading to higher bale weights, because cut material is baled to higher densities. The helix ensures there is no peak load in the cutting system for smooth operation and quiet running.

The blade groups

VariPack 165 XC and 190 XC have a 17-blade cutting system The number of blades in work is selected manually in groups of 0/8/9/17 from a control on the machine. Then you operate a lever that moves the group into position to give cutting lengths of 128 mm or 64 mm. The change is fast and simple for easy adjustment to varying conditions. Also, the option of using the same number of blades in two different groups allows you to use sharp blades all day long – also throughout very long working days.

Changing the blades

To fit or remove the blades, simply lower the blade cassette. Then release the springs on all blades by operating a single lever. Last, remove the blades conveniently from above.

The power cutting clutch

This standard-fit dog clutch on the right machine side cuts off the powerflow to the intake system so the operator can rotate the rotor manually for convenient blade changes.

The KRONE bale chamber
  • Effective – four smooth belts form dry crops into high-density bales „
  • Fast – baling at a circumferential speed of 110 m/min „
  • Convenient – the baling pressure and the soft core are set on the terminal

The VariPack chamber is made up of four endless belts that feature a smooth surface. This design makes VariPack the specialist baler for dry material such as straw and hay. The soft core kit allows you to produce bales for specific applications.

Bale sizes

The VariPack model range is designed to deliver various bale diameters. VariPack V 165 (XC) produces 0.80-1.65 m diameter bales. VariPack V 190 (XC) churns out 0.80-1.90 m diameters. This way you can tailor the size of the bales to individual customer applications, for example feeding or drying.

Setting the soft core

Enter the core density and the density of the inner and outer layers on the operator terminal and the machine produces bales to individual customer requirements and applications. Maximum density, for example, is typically used for long-distance haulage whereas a soft core is preferred in drying applications.

The bale chamber

The starter roller and the two net rollers combine with the shallow angle of the chamber belts to deliver smooth bale starts. They also ensure reliable bale roll when the chamber is filled to capacity.

The drives for the belts

Massive sprockets and chains drive the rollers so these roll the material reliably

KRONE net wrapping
  • Versatile and flexible – applying net and twine „
  • Straightforward – the net threads easily through the rigid net feeder „
  • Great visibility – the operator watches the process on the move „
  • Easy use – net/film feed starts automatically when the chamber is filled

The VariPack twine / net film wrapping system is simple, very reliable and easy to operate. The optional net chute helps handling the heavy net roll. It folds out and down to accommodate the roll and slides it into the cradle. The rigid net feeder makes for an easy net feed into the chamber. Spare net and twine rolls are stored on the machine to keep going on long working days.

Net wrapping

The cradle lowers for convenient replacement of the net roll. Arranged at a low height, it is readily accessible from one of the two steps.

Easy refills

Net or twine roll changes are very easy. Simply fold out the optional chute on the left hand side and slide the new roll into the cradle. This takes out the muscle work of changing rolls as you no longer lift the heavy roll up into the cradle.

Net wrap – simplicity by design

The fresh roll slides down the chute and into the cradle. It couldn’t be easier for operators. Then the net is threaded into the chamber, which is equally easy thanks to the rigid net feeder. Next, run the net over the swing and into the chamber.

Spare net supply

There is room to store one roll of net wrap on each side of the machine. This gives you plenty of net supply that keeps you going during long working days.

The rear door
  • Swift – less than five-second open/close cycles „
  • Efficient – hydraulic cylinders with stroke end cushioning

Highest densities and outputs are the outstanding landmark features of VariPack. More than that, these models also score on a simple design and exemplary accessibility. All this translates into particularly easy servicing and maintenance. The hydraulic cylinders that operate the rear door have stroke end cushioning for fast unloading cycles and maximum throughputs. An optional bale ejector is available for controlled bale depositing also on slopes.

The rear door

An audible alarm signals the end of the net wrapping cycle. Then the operator opens the rear door by operating a spool. The bale is dropped and the door closes. This takes only a few seconds before the tractor is moving again.

The bale ejector

Keeping halts as short as possible is critical for high productivity in round baling. Therefore, unloading the bale effectively and fast is important – a task the optional bale ejector does reliably. At the same time, the ejector is designed to give optimum access to the blades.

The model line-up
  • Versatile – four models with or without cutting system give various bale diameters „
  • Variable – flexible 0.80-1.65 /1.90 m diameters „
  • Convenient – bale diameters are set on the terminal

The VariPack range lines up four models – the compact VariPack 165 (XC) and the large-diameter VariPack 190 (XC). The difference between these models is the cutting system and the design of the bale chamber.

VariPack V 165 (XC)

The most compact model in the range is the VariPack V 165 (XC) which has a specifically designed chamber that bales 0.80-1.65 m diameter bales.

VariPack V 190 (XC)

The next model is the VariPack V 190 (XC). The chamber on this model produces 0.80 m and 1.90 m bales.

Setting up made easy

Adjusting the bale diameter is as easy as it gets. Simply enter the target size in increments of 1 cm to the terminal. This convenient feature allows you to tailor the bale to specific applications.

The heavy-duty and grippy belts

The VariPack bale chamber is formed of four endless belts. Made from rubber with two embedded fabric layers, these belts offer maximum flexibility and strength for maximum lifetime. The grippy material combines with the special surface design of the belts for excellent belt-crop contact and no slip for reliable machine performance.

Tyres and attachment
  • Hitching choices – various attachment options for all conditions „
  • Gentle treading – three tyre options ensure optimal protection of the turf „
  • Safe stopping – a brake system is available as an option

VariPack is the machine for quick travel between fields, for undulating and boggy terrain and easy shunting in tight space. A wide range of additional options ensure the KRONE VariPack is perfectly geared to deliver in your specific conditions.

The tyres

Choose between three different flotation tyre options for the VariPack. The standard size is 15.0/55-17 10 PR and 500/50-17 10 PR or 500/55-20 12 PR are available as options.

Optional brake

VariPack runs on a single single axle that has no brakes as standard but is available with an optional brake system.

The hitch ring

VariPack has a standard 40 mm hitch ring for bottom- or top-mount attachment. The drawbar notches easily to height. In addition, three more hitch options are available to suit various needs in specific countries.

The ball hitch

An 80 ball hitch is also available for VariPack for bottom attachment. This warrants smoothest rides, better manoeuvrability and minimum wear.

The accessories
  • Versatile and flexible – applying net and twine „
  • Convenient – LED work lights and a CCTV camera system for full control „
  • Smart – moisture sensing technology keeps the operator up to date

VariPack is designed for maximum performance and density. A number of options are available that help boost your productivity in special conditions. For example, working lights and cameras ensure you always have a clear view out over the machine and the moisture sensor informs you on the current moisture level of the crop.

The LED light package

This package adds comfort and includes LED work lights for all service and maintenance points plus reflective strips under the panels and also rear lights. These lights are a boon when changing net rolls and cleaning the machine at night. Also, they improve visibility around the machine as well as general safety in the field.

The moisture sensing system

The moisture sensor provides exact information on the quality of the harvested material so the operator can choose the baling pressure to suit. At the same time, you are free to choose wrapping or not wrapping.

The camera system

A camera monitors the machine assemblies and the immediate surroundings, thereby improving both operator comfort and road safety. The camera feeds are either viewed on a separate screen or on a CCI terminal.

The twine tying system

This is an option that can be added to the standard net wrapping unit. The machine will then have a twine box on one side which stores twelve balls of twine for sufficient supply of twine during long working days.

Easy servicing on a twine machine

Simply pull out the twine box to gain ready access to all service points and drives for cleaning.

The cleaning rollers

The cleaning rollers: VariPack is available with two cleaning rollers that remove debris from the belts and ensure reliable belt drive. One of the two cleaning roller is powered to warrant optimal performance.

Low maintenance
  • Readily accessible – all service points are in easy reach „
  • Convenient – automatic chain lubrication and grouped grease nipples „
  • Unique – as few as three chains drive all assemblies „
  • Practical – automatic chain tensioners with scales are easily adjusted

VariPack is designed as a simple machine where all service and maintenance points are readily accessible. All grease points are grouped and the chains are automatically lubricated – details that reduce the time spent servicing and increase your productivity. Further comfort details are automatic tensioners on the three drive chains.

The chain lubricator

The drive chain is lubricated automatically for quiet running and long service life. The easy-adjust piston pump allows you to apply the proper attention to each chain.

Grouped grease nipples

All grease points on VariPack are grouped into lube banks for convenient and fast servicing and a longer machine life.

The drive chains

KRONE is the first manufacturer to use only three drive chains to drive all assemblies, a design that obviously also reduces the number of wear parts. In addition to that, chain slack is easily adjusted by automatic chain tensioners with scales.

The steps

The two steps on the front give convenient access to the net/twine unit. Swapping net rolls as well as cleaning and servicing is easy and convenient now.

The stand

VariPack has a mechanical stand as a standard feature. This makes for safe stability when parked. It can swing to the side to provide generous ground clearance when harvesting high-volume swaths.

The KRONE operator terminals
  • Take your choice – our control units suit all needs
  • Convenient – clear and user-friendly interfaces
  • Compatible – the ISOBUS tractor terminal is a standard feature
  • Option – TIM Tractor Implement Control sees the baler control the tractor

The KRONE on-board Comfort electronics streamline, improve and accelerate all steps of baling, making the baler great fun to use. You can choose from various KRONE terminals the unit that suits you best.

The DS 100 control unit

The DS 100 control unit controls all VariPack functions from the convenience of the cab. The buttons are grouped for intuitive use without looking so you can focus on the machine.

The DS 500 terminal

The DS 500 terminal has a user-friendly 5.7inch touch screen, twelve keys and a dial on the back. The unit is not only used for VariPack but also for all other KRONE machines. Even more comfort comes from the AUX joystick that is available as an addition to the DS 500.

The CCI 800 terminal

The CCI 800 is the ISOBUS terminal with an 8.0inch touch screen and 12 function keys. It can be extended by a joystick or a camera system for optimum operator comfort. A function is selected by pressing an icon on the left hand side.

The CCI 1200 terminal

Offering a large 12.1inch colour touch screen, this terminal has two side-by-side views, one view showing the camera feeds and one the individual machine functions. The CCI 1200 is an ISOBUS terminal that is universally compatible with different machines and makes.

Any tractor-based ISOBUS terminal

You can also use the terminal on your ISOBUS compatible tractor to operate the VariPack. If your tractor has an ISOBUS terminal, you won’t need an extra terminal in the cab.

Optional TIM – the baler manages the tractor

TIM (Tractor Implement Management) is an option that allows your machine to communicate with the tractor and control it. This means the baler automatically stops the tractor to start the tying cycle, opens the rear door when tying is completed and closes the door after the bale has been deposited. TIM reduces operator fatigue, downtime, fuel consumption and leads to more uniform bales and boosts your productivity.


VariPack V 165 VariPack V 190
Bale size (m, Ø x width) 0.80 - 1.65 x 1.20 0.80 - 1.90 x 1.20 configure
Bale chamber variable variable configure
Machine dimensions (m, L x W x H) 4.90 x 2.59 x 2.98 5.00 x 2.59 x 3.05 configure
Net wrapping Standard Standard configure
Net and twine tying optional optional configure
Pick-up working width (m) 2.15 2.15 configure
Power requirement (kW/hp) 67 / 90 67 / 90 configure
configure configure


VariPack XC
VariPack V 165 XC VariPack V 190 XC
Bale size (m, Ø x width) 0.80 - 1.65 x 1.20 0.80 - 1.90 x 1.20 configure
Bale chamber variable variable configure
Machine dimensions (m, L x W x H) 4.90 x 2.59 x 2.98 5.00 x 2.59 x 3.05 configure
XCut cutting rotor 17 lades for the shortest cutting length (mm) 64 64 configure
Net wrapping Standard Standard configure
Net and twine tying optional optional configure
Pick-up working width (m) 2.15 2.15 configure
Power requirement (kW/hp) 67 / 90 67 / 90 configure
configure configure

High-capacity belt baler for dry crops

KRONE VariPack

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen

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