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Less operator stress and higher-quality cuts

New auto side-shift feature on BiG M

Spelle, April 2022 - KRONE introduces a new feature on the BiG M self-propelled high-performance mower conditioner and its front mower. The side-shifting mechanism on the front mower which is now available as an auto feature that adjusts the side-shift relative to the current slope gradient. The benefit of this is no striping in sloping fields and curved lines.

To implement auto side-shift, BiG M uses a frame-mounted angle sensor in addition to a steering angle sensor on the rear axle. The angle sensor measures and supplies real-time data on the current conditions, such as slope gradient or curved lines. The system calculates the steering angle, the gradient and the drift resulting from the slope gradient; based on this information, it shifts the front mower automatically to the side without requiring any input from the operator. At the same time, the angle sensor also ensures that the drive power is distributed uniformly to all four wheels, improving traction of the BiG M and ensuring maximum sward protection.

Easing operator strain even further, the system allows operators to focus on the work at hand. In addition to that, auto side-shifting by slope gradient also boosts productivity, because the mower cuts much faster on slopes and yet without striping.


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Head of Marketing KRONE Agriculture
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