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KRONE adds two V12 machines to its forager programme:

Spelle, September 2022. KRONE launches two new forage harvesters in the high-end 980-1080 horsepower range. The two most recent members in the 680 and 1180 families,  the BiG X 980 and BiG X 1080, are available as of now.  Drawing on many years of experience in building high-capacity forage harvesters, the German company introduces the new models in response to an increasing global demand in the 900hp to 1100hp segment.
The most powerful agricultural machine in the world is currently the 1156hp BiG X 1180 which has performed very well in the market since its introduction in 2018. This and the two new BiG X 980 and 1080 models are powered by a Liebherr V12 engine which stands out for its practice-driven approach that results in extended 1000-hour oil change and service intervals for filters and valves. All models in the range are naturally compliant with Stage V and Tier 4f standards (the latter requiring only SCR emission treatment).
Another strong selling point of these two new KRONE foragers is the modified PowerSplit feature. PowerSplit stands for customising the available engine power to current requirements just at the touch of a button. When the full engine power is not needed in a specific application, PowerSplit allows operators to operate the BiG X in the economical Eco-Power mode and in one of various output ranges that are selected to suit various conditions. The advantages of this technology are boosted efficiencies and a greater fuel economy.
By comparison, in situations that require the full engine output, the operator selects X-Power. This can also be activated automatically and continuously variably from the various output levels – a technology that clearly increases operator comfort in daily operations.
Another useful feature is the optional engine speed management which helps reduce fuel consumption by automatically lowering the engine speed (e.g. when the next silage trailer is moving up).

Innovative comfort and performance boosters
During the past few decades, KRONE has developed pioneering innovations and unique features for forage harvesters which are useful and practical. One of the most outstanding features is the innovative crop flow assembly that consists of six pre-compression rollers, the massive chopping drum and the OptiMaxx 305 CornConditioner which is the biggest of its kind. Thanks to its huge conditioning surface area it ensures intensive grain and stalk processing. Another unique feature is the VariStream system which consists of a spring-loaded floor beneath the chopping cylinder and a spring-loaded plate behind the crop accelerator which combine to ensure blockage-free and smooth crop flows through the machine. The system allows operators to use the machine to its limits and reduce consumption rates per hour.
Another practice-driven detail is the KRONE VariLOC - a gearbox inside the pulley that drives the chopping drum that makes the BiG X a versatile all-rounder. By easily reducing the drum speed from 1250 to 800 rpm, operators can increase the length of cut by up to 50% -  an intelligent solution for quick changes from short to long chops and for maximum versatility.
Further popular options on the KRONE forage harvesters are the KRONE lift cab and the unique XtraPower system. The latter is an online feature that offers operators the opportunity to book additional engine power into the machine for a limited period of time. There is XtraPower 100 for the BiG X 980 and the BiG X1080 and XtraPower 200 for the BiG X 980.

Equally useful and efficient is the recent dual-purpose NIR Control sensor which helps to measure and record nutrient levels in grass, maize and whole crop silage as these crops are being harvested. This sensor, which received several DLG awards, is suitable for use on a BiG X and on a Zunhammer slurry applicator.
Last but not least, the new BiG X 980 and BiG X 1080 are equipped with SmartConnect - a standard telemetric unit that offers real-time collection and transmission of all machine data. The data can then be communicated to KRONE SmartTelematics and/or transferred to a farm management system via the agrirouter.

The BiG X line-up of V12 models:
New: BiG X 980 (720kW / 979hp)
New: BiG X 1080 (790kW / 1074hp)
Since 2018: BiG X 1180 (850kW / 1156hp)