KRONE Agritechnica News 2023

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Innovations in the mower range

EasyCut B 880 CV/CR (Collect) | B 1050 CV (Collect)

Mowing with maximum efficiency

With the EasyCut B 880 CV/CR (Collect) and B 1050 CV (Collect), KRONE presents two new and highly efficient Butterfly combinations. They come with conditioners as a standard feature and can optionally be equipped with cross conveyor units.

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Innovations in the rotary rake range

Swadro TC 1570

World's biggest four-rotor rake

New KRONE Swadro TC 1570 with unique V-frame concept impresses with high acreage output, extremely quiet running and maximum operator comfort.

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Innovations in the transport technology sector

RX and ZX forage wagons

Maximum transport volumes and perfect cuts

Featuring the new OptiGrass cutting system and maximum throughputs, the RX and ZX forage wagons from KRONE set new benchmarks for professional forage trailers.

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Award at Agritechnica 2023

ZX is 'Farm Machine 2024'

The KRONE ZX was awarded the 'Farm Machine 2024' award in the grass harvest category at Agritechnica 2023!

Knapen KX

Professionals in agricultural logistics join forces

The European market leader in truck trailers and swap bodies, Krone Commercial Vehicle SE, is now strengthening its commitment to the agricultural logistics sector. Together with the subsidiary Knapen Trailers from Deurne in the Netherlands, which has been part of the KRONE Group since 2019, the company is expanding its product portfolio to cover the entire process from field to plate. In addition to the KRONE TX and GX agricultural transport professionals, Knapen is now launching the KX walking floor trailer which is an absolute asset in the agricultural sector thanks to its versatile uses.

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Innovations in the KRONE Digital division

Smart Support

KRONE's entry into Remote-Diagnostics

The launch of telemetry units for KRONE machines opens up many new possibilities. In addition to providing agronomic data to the machine owner, there is an opportunity for dealers to set up an extensive qualified service. It was exactly with this approach that the KRONE Smart Support system was developed. We have given dealers the opportunity to view service-relevant data about a machine if the owner gives his approval.

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Operation with the new KRONE PreSelect

For Top-Quality and Intuitive Operation

KRONE presents new machine operation system with the KRONE PreSelect. The new system makes it possible to preselect the hydraulic functions of the connected attachment devices and then activate them with the regulating valves on the tractor side.

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KRONE with modern new ISOBUS user interface

Innovative Operating Experience

With a new ISOBUS user interface and thanks to innovative visualisation and an excellent overview of control elements, KRONE is ensuring even more comfort for machine operation.

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Further innovations

The KRONE blade sharpener on BiG X forage harvesters scoops a DLG Silver Medal

The new and patented “Blade sharpener on forage harvesters that requires no manual adjustment” will be awarded a DLG Silver Medal at Agritechnica in November. The prize recognizes an innovative technology that sharpens the blades on the chopping drum and stands out for a longer maintenance interval, high operator comfort and less abrasion.


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KRONE SmartBale app optimises bale logistics

With the KRONE SmartBale app, information about baled crops including the location of the bales can be read easily by smartphone, thereby greatly simplifying work processes in the hay and stray harvest.


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OptiGrass for the Perfect Cut

KRONE is setting new standards for forage quality and throughput in the professional loading and forage transport wagon segment with the new OptiGrass cutting unit.


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Swadro TC 1250 Plus

A Big Plus for Perfect Swathing

As a four-rotor rake with a variable working width from 9.80 to 12.50 metres, the Swadro TC 1250 has already proven to be an ideal solution for both farmers with their own machinery and contractors. KRONE now also offers this machine as the Swadro TC 1250 Plus with various features to make the settings for perfect swathing even easier and more convenient without any changes to the requirements for the tractor.


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Swadro TC 2000

Upgrade for the world’s largest rake

KRONE has revamped its Swadro 2000 six-rotor rake. Featuring new and stronger components and an optimised user interface, the new flagship in the KRONE rake programme, the Swadro TC 2000, boasts cutting-edge specifications that befit professional applications.


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Efficient Mowing with Regard for Wildlife

System for fully automated field work

KRONE and Lemken in collaboration with software specialist Lacos are now offering a system for fully automated field work for the self-propelled mower conditioner BiG M and the autonomous process unit (VTE). Innovative tyre track planning not only ensures efficient mowing, but also selectively protects against wildlife mishaps.


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Smart Implements

Everything is Controlled Automatically

The attachment devices of the autonomous towing machines (VTE) of KRONE and Lemken are automatically readjusted by means of high-quality sensor systems to ensure that optimum working quality is always achieved.


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Tractor instead of Low Loader

Vehicle Transport System (VTS)

With the new transport solution from KRONE and Lemken, in the future it will be easy to hitch an autonomous process unit (VTE) – consisting of the towing unit together with the attached machine – to a tractor. This clever solution saves much time, energy and personnel costs because transport from field to field over public roads with a low loader is eliminated.


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