Wat zou het veld zijn zonder een man om het te bewerken? Wat zou de aannemer zijn zonder krachtige machines waar hij 24/7 op kan vertrouwen? En waar zouden de dieren zijn zonder voer van de hoogste kwaliteit? Last but not least: wat zou een boerderij zijn zonder partners, zonder experts die de boer ondersteunen met hun kennis en service? KRONE verbindt uw vragen, uw wensen en uw toekomst met de werkende oplossingen van morgen. Zodat de winkel draait, de machines werken, zodat de oogst goed is - vandaag, morgen en overmorgen.



Man & Machine

Bringen wir die Sache auf den Punkt: Man muss Land und Leute kennen, um für sie die richtigen Maschinen zu bauen. Seit 1906 wachsen wir von KRONE mit den Ansprüchen unserer Kunden und mit jedem Hektar, der bewirtschaftet wird. Klar: Wir setzen auf innovative Technik und auf smarte Bedienung. Aber wir setzen auch auf Nähe. Als Familienunternehmen sind wir immer nah am Kunden und mit unseren Mitarbeitern direkt am Feld. Zusammen krempeln wir die Ärmel hoch und holen das Beste aus unseren Maschinen raus. Und Potential zum Optimieren finden wir immer. Beim Häcksler, der Presse oder dem Mähwerk, bis es perfekt passt zu Land und Leuten und zu Ihrem Betrieb. KRONE verbindet Mensch und Maschine. Was können wir für Sie tun.

Function & Service

KRONE machines are designed to work at the touch of a button to make field work easier for farmers and contractors. This is why our technical features are never gimmicks but tried and tested applications for everyone whose prime concern is efficiency and quality from the very beginning. A worthwhile and long-term investment. Because the follow-up costs are surprisingly low and the resale value of our machines is all the higher. By the way, customers who choose KRONE can also rely on lifelong service. We are a family business, and every dealer, every authorised workshop and every mechanic is part of the team. Together, we work as partners and with a passion for our customers. And should a fault occur, we won’t stop looking into the matter until the issue is resolved. Knowledgeable, prompt and around the clock during harvest time. Function & Service from KRONE: We’ll connect you.

Land & Technology

From Emsland to the whole world: Offering more than 200 tried and tested models, KRONE is the full-liner in the forage harvesting sector. In more than 60 countries, our machines toil away in the field, helping farmers and contractors to harvest their crops. Our products bear the coveted ‘Made in Germany’ label and score particularly high marks on acreage, versatility and longevity. Our goal is to offer the right equipment that is tailored to the specific challenge – in every corner of the world with the support of expert dealerships – on your doorstep and even ‘Down Under’. On all continents of the world we connect land & technology. Get KRONECTED.

Tradition & Vision

Preserving what’s tried and tested and taking on innovative ideas. True to this philosophy, the family business KRONE looks back on one of Germany’s most remarkable company histories of the past 100 years. Over the course of four generations, a small blacksmith shop has developed into a global player in forage harvesting. However, the philosophy behind this success story is not rooted in maximising profits at any price but rather in the motivation and heart of each individual member of the Krone family. We think globally and act collegially. After all, ‘Think Big’ also means starting on the smallest detail. Only when all wheels are in mesh can we create something on the scale of our BiG X. This is because we love what we do and farm machinery is our passion. And as a full-liner for forage harvesting technology, it is in the nature of things that we do not abuse our environment but treat it responsibly. We sustainably combine tradition and vision for the harvesting technology of tomorrow. We want to be part of the future.

Feed & Quality

From grass to glass – that’s right. Our forage equipment is actually made for the cows and everyone who enjoys drinking a glass of good milk or savouring great cheese. Because the milk is only as good as the feed the cows get. As a leading manufacturer of harvesting equipment, we pull out all the stops to ensure perfect silage and everything else that goes into the process. As specialists, we have over 100 years of experience and products that perform well in every respect. We know that every step and cut, no matter how small, is important for a high-quality result. The right timing, a skilled driver and a clean cut ensure clean forage. A healthy sward and as little compaction as possible ensure the next harvest will be good too. Gentle processing and uniform densities account for 100% quality. Optimum cracking and defibration result in healthy nutrition. Lastly, a high area output and work rate translate into smooth processes within the shortest harvest windows. With our machines and our expertise, we bring added value to the food supply chain, at the end of which is a glass of good milk or a delicious ice cream. We think everyone should appreciate that.