EasyCut F Highland

Front-mounted disc mowers

EasyCut F Highland

KRONE Highland

It is the low centre of gravity and the close attachment to the tractor that make the Highland mowers excellent performers on the slope. To counteract drift, the machine weight is shifted to the tractor either by the mountain tractor’s linkage rams or by means of optional suspension springs.

Integrated in the headstock and conveniently controlled from the cab, the hydraulic sideshift feature on the front mower counteracts tractor drift. Two top hats on the two outboard discs on either side group the wet grass into narrow and yet fluffy swaths which the tractor can straddle.

The cut itself is accurate and uniform, thanks to the SmartCut cutterbar which prepares perfectly for the following machines and is the basis for successful cuts later in the season.

The standard SafeCut disc protection system protects your mower from damage when it hits a rock or other foreign body and makes for a straightforward repair. In addition, the blades are quick-change as standard, a fact that minimises downtime and ensures maximum efficiency and uptime when the harvest conditions are just right.

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EasyCut F Highland

Special situations ask for specialist equipment. This also holds true for mowing, tedding and swathing in mountain regions. Therefore KRONE developed a specialist series of machines that cater to such special conditions – the KRONE Highland mowers, tedders and rakes. The front mowers in this family are the new EasyCut F 280 Highland (2,73m work width) and the EasyCut F 320 Highland (3.16m work width). The key difference over regular mowers is the direct attachment to the tractor which eliminates the Weiste A-frame and moves the machine closer to the tractor’s front axle for improved and optimised ground contouring on very steep slopes and in extremely undulating terrain. Welded from box section steel, the strong frame was optimised in terms of weight and low centre of gravity.

Product features


EasyCut F Highland
EasyCut F 280 Highland EasyCut F 320 Highland
Area output (ha / h) 3.00 - 3.50 3.50 - 4.00 configure
Working width (m) 2.73 3.16 configure
No. of discs 4 5 configure
No. of top hats 2 2 configure
Input power (kW/hp) 40 / 55 48 / 65 configure
configure configure

The smart way of cutting the best forage

KRONE EasyCut F Highland

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KRONE Landmaschinen

KRONE Landmaschinen